Rotary kiln combustor

  • Rotary kiln combustor with post combustion (2 sec. residence time) , energy recovery and flue gas treatment.

Following waste streams can be processed in a rotary kiln:

  • Liquids
  • Pasty waste
  • Road scrap, rooftop bitumina
  • Sludges like paint sludges, industrial sludges, oil sludges etc.
  • Solids like medical waste, industrial waste in cans/boxes/etc.

Thermal capacity for rotary kiln combustion: 2 – 25 MWth

Dimensions max: diameter. Intern 4,000mm * Length 22.000mm

Depending on size and waste streams the system can/will be designed as co-current or counter current. Also the operational mode: can be choosen as gasifier mode or combustion mode.

Reference projekt in Rotterdam.

If you like more information about these services, please contact MTM.

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