Company Profile

Technisch Bureau voor Milieu, Technologie en Management B.V. has been active in the Waste-to-Energy market for both solid and liquid waste streams since 1989.

In order to serve the needs in the market, Technisch Bureau MTM B.V. represents various foreign technology suppliers regarding waste to energy products and systems. These products vary from burners to complete Waste to Energy conversion systems including flue gas cleaning and emission measurements.

In addition, Technisch Bureau MTM B.V. can offer the engineering and realization of smaller systems directly.


Our environment

Both for the companies we represent and for MTM, the protection of our environment is the highest priority. In other words, the systems we offer in the market try to combine minimal environmental impact with maximum technical simplicity, reliability and energy efficiency. The respect for our environment on the one hand and a thorough analysis of your problem and / or wishes on the other, will be the foundation for such systems.

Fast delivery

Smaller (engineering) projects and spare parts can be prepared, offered and realized by Technisch Bureau MTM B.V. directly.

Larger projects will be handled in consultation with the manufacturers and / or suppliers we represent. Of course MTM will remain your contact person.


Together with our partners, we do not only know how to do it, we have already done it successfully several times. We will be happy to have a closer look into your questions during a meeting.

For further information or questions please contact MTM.

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