Industrial injection systems

For the spraying of liquid fuels / waste streams we offer various DUMECO spraying principles. The choice for a particular principle is made on the basis of the properties of the fire / waste material.

The spraying principles offered and applied by us are the following:

  •  Internal mixing and
  •  Ultrasonic spraying (of 1 or 2 liquids simultaneously)

These spraying principles are characterized by a very fine spray (shape is adjustable) and the fact that the spraying does not require any moving parts and / or high pressures.

As a result, excessive wear / erosion of the atomizers is largely limited.

Compressed air, steam or any other compressed gas can be used as a spraying medium.

The spraying capacities range from 1 - 4.000 ltr / h per atomizer.

Several fluid injectors can be mounted in our burners.


In addition, the injection lances are often used separately for spraying various liquids on (existing) combustion chambers.

In addition to the spraying principles mentioned above, we also supply an injection system for the introduction of sludge.

If you like more information about these services, please contact MTM.

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