Injection systems SNCR / SCR

Also in the field of injection of additives for use in flue gas cleaning, we can offer complete solutions and systems that are designed and produced in-house like the burners and industrial injection systems.

These can be used as SNCR-deNOx (Selective Non Catalytic Reduction) but can also be used in combination with an SCR Catalyst.

  • For the spraying of liquid urea / ammonia solution we offer complete systems with a capacity from
  • 1 to 80 l/h.
  • For small quantities of 0-10 l/h we offer our Microskid HC-01.
  • For larger quantities 0 - 30 l/h and 0 - 80 l/h we offer our skid-mounted systems LC-01 and LC-02 (double pump).

Each system is equipped with its own PLC control that regulates the dosage of urea / ammonia solution based on the NOx measuring signal which is made available by the customer.

Microskid HC-01

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