Waste-to-Energy systems

MTM can rely on many years of experience of both her partners as well as her staff for engineering and realisation of systems which means for you:

Application of the best available technologies for the treatment of your waste with a maximised energetic conversion and a minimised impact for our environment.

Together with our partners we can provide/supply complete systems:

Static combustion chamber with 2 seconds residence time, energy recovery and flue gas treatment.

Static combustion chambers are suitable for

  • “clean” liquid and gaseous waste streams

Thermal capacities for static combustion chambers: 1 – 20 MWth

Horizontal or vertical (top down firing)

Reference project in Italy

Rotary kiln combustor with post combustion (2 sec. residence time) , energy recovery and flue gas treatment.

Following waste streams can be processed in a rotary kiln:

  • Liquids
  • Pasty waste
  • Road scrap, rooftop bitumina
  • Sludges like paint sludges, industrial sludges, oil sludges etc.
  • Solids like medical waste, industrial waste in cans/boxes/etc.

Thermal capacity for rotary kiln combustion: 2 – 25 MWth

Dimensions: max diameter internal 4.000 mm * length 22.000 mm

Depending on size and waste streams the system will be designed as co-current or counter current. Also the operational mode: can be chosen as gasifier mode or combustion mode.

Reference project in Rotterdam

Fluid bed combustion with energy recovery and flue gas treatment.

Following waste streams can be treated in a fluid bed:

  • Solid waste with uniform particle size like SRF, RDF shredded tyres
  • Biomass
  • Dried/wet sludges
  • Paper sludge
  • Industrial sludges
  • Liquids with high solid concentration
  • and other

Thermal capacity fluid bed combustor: 0,5 – 35 MWth.

Reference project of Raschka in Czechia

Depending on the client’s needs, we can propose one of the following Energy recovery systems:

  • Thermooil boiler
  • Warm water boiler
  • Steamboiler (flametube/watertube)

If necessary, we can also propose a flue gas treatment system, based on the principle of dry flue gas treatment by means of:

  • Ceramic HT filter
  • SCR-deNOx
  • Bag house filter

Depending on the pollutants, a dry treatment can or needs to be combined with a wet scrubber system.


In case you wish more information, please contact MTM.

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